Friday, July 11, 2008

Under A Shady Tree - You and Me

If you are a mom of a toddler you probably know the title of this post is also the title of a song sung by Laurie Berkner. I love her songs. They are catchy, clean, and relevant to what really matters. The time you spend making memories.

Anyway, after the whirlwind of this AM's Dr appointment, our family went to Warner Park for TDS FEST. This is a very nice carnival/fair that John's employer puts on for their employees and families. It is very well done and everything is free to the TDS families.

It was HOT. about 86 degrees and muggy. So after an hour of running around in this my boys are hot and sweaty.

TDS has thought of everything. They give you a sport bottle for each child and free beverages. Plus, they have a snow cone stand.

David fuels up on lemonade and runs toward the obstacle course.
Caleb wants a snow cone.
Nathan just wants to be pushed around in the stroller for a breeze.

John takes Nathan and David to one side of the park and I take Caleb to get a snow cone.

This is grand for me. I always had the opportunity to do things like this with David because there were no other kids when he was 3. (so far 3 years old is my FAVORITE age) Not so with Caleb. Poor middle child has to deal with his older brother and then just to make matters worse we went and had a little brother too!

I enjoy jumping over mud puddles on our way to the snow cone area. We stand in line all dripping in sweat. Caleb decides he wants a Bubble gum flavored snow cone. (ICK!) I get lime.
Caleb says:"I'm sweaty! Let's find some shade." No small task since TDS FEST has like 1200 people and all of them have the same idea.

We actually find a nice spot under a shady tree. After we cool down and share eachothers snow cones, I ask if Caleb if he wants to go play the games. He says: "No I want to sit with you under this nice, shady tree." So I start singing the Laurie Berkner song. He and I have a great heart connect moment that about makes me melt as he sits on my lap slurping melted snow cones. Giggling that it is dripping all over our shorts. Who cares!

It gets better. We are driving home and David says: "That was the best fair ever!"

We get home, get cleaned up and in bed. Caleb and I have a clash of the titans because he does not want to go to bed (Umm it is 10 PM little man!). I am telling him as he goes up the stairs that his job is to obey and my job is to make sure he obeys. So he climbs in bed all sad and pouting. Then he turns and says "Friends again, Mom?" I agree:" Friends"

I ask Caleb and David what was their favorite parts. David talks about this bouncing pit that he loved and Caleb turns to me and says: "The snow cones! Thanks for sharing your lime snow cone with me mom." This in itself is so sweet, but even more so after our clash of wills 2 minutes previous.

So the boys drift off to sleep as I sing to them "Under a Shady Tree".

What a great life. What a great memory. Thanks God.