Monday, June 30, 2008

They Will Make a Gun out of ANYTHING!

Clearly anyone who believes that a child is born a "blank slate" and we mold them thru nurture only, has never had children.

I am the only female in this house, and I do not even know how to make boy noise. Nor do I want to learn.

I don't know how to break a stick until it looks like a revolver, nor do I know how to eat a sandwich until it resembles a truck. But my boys do and they did not learn that here, from me or their dad.

David was playing with some buddies at the park a week ago. They were ducking into bushes, checking out cool hiding spots. I saw them running in and out of the rows of bushes playing some sort of GI Joe deal. When I got close enough to be "discovered" I was ambushed by them. I like to think I know how to play along, but mostly I think they are rolling their eyes at me when I am not looking. (Can I get and A for effort?)

I throw my hands in the air and say "I surrender!" One of the buddies pulls out his stick (it really does look like a shot gun - how do they do this?) He makes the shot gun cocking noise and says " AAGGHH I'll shoot you anyway! POW. (The girl in me is alarmed - someone call Miss Manners!)

Before I can comment, out comes the other buddy. He doesn't even ask for a surrender, he just shoots me on sight with his revolver. (also a stick) BANG.

2 seconds later David jumps out and he has this teeny tiny little stick in his hand. (I actually have the thought that he is being "robbed" of his chance to shoot me) So I inquire - don't you have a gun? To which he exclaims. NOPE! I have a hand grenade. KAPOW!

Now, just imagine what it would be like if we allowed him to watch PG movies.