Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Door to Door Salesman

Today is one of the 1st nice non-raining days since school has been out. So today we have our neighbor boy and David playing in our front yard as I am in the house with Olivia, Nathan and Caleb.

A salesman (who is selling educational books for elementary school kids) knocks on my door.
(I guess he must have been driving around looking for places where elementary aged kids were visible and spotted us.)

So I come to the door and he says to me “Is your mom or dad home?” You know I really don’t get any contact with the “outside world” So if God wants me to laugh it has to be thru my kids or whoever is crazy enough to come to my door.

Well, I guess God wanted me to laugh today – poor guy – I stood there in complete astonishment that he asked ME the 35 year old mom of the house if MY mom or dad was home.

Of course I could not resist. I said “Umm no! my dad is dead and my mom lives in Wausau. I am 35 and I AM the mom here! What do you need?” Poor Guy. (no we did not buy anything.)