Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Caleb Potty Training Story # 2

So Caleb is out of diapers for about 2 weeks. We go to a few garage sales and he has to pee. A park is near by so we stop there. To our disappointment the bathroom doors are locked.

No problem, I have boys. Except Caleb has not yet learned to pee standing up. So I convince his older brother to "show him how to do it." I accomplish this by telling Caleb he and David can "cross their pee streams over by that bush." Dont forget I am holding their wiggly 8 month old (at the time) brother too.

Caleb of course thinks this is the best thing since sliced bread, so he tries it. Both boys have a successfully fun time "crossing their pee."

The trouble came the next morning when Caleb determines to never sit on the toilet to pee again. He wasn't tall enough to stand and pee (and actually get it into the toilet) at home. No problem he thought - we have a stool!

Ok so it is 7 am and we are having a clash of the titans over how pee is going to get from his body into the toilet. Mind you he doesn't wear a diaper over the night, so this is the 1st morning pee and it is alot! Not only are we fighting over him standing on the stool naked, he is also doing the potty dance during the fight because he HAS TO GO!!!!!.

I had just gotten out of the shower. You know sometimes my day just never even gets that far. But this day I was up early (with Nathan) and I had decided to not go back to bed. I had on my makeup and the whole nine yards. I am kneeling on the floor holding my sleepy, dancing, naked son. I agree to him peeing standing up (this should have been my 1st clue - I KNOW better than to ever let him win!) .

He of course begins successfully, but gets overconfident. You guessed it - he not only falls right in to the toilet, he lounges his right hand all the way to the bottom flush hole. Getting most of his upper body into the pee filled toilet. Falling off the stool, splashing pee all over me (did I mention I had JUST SHOWERED!), the floor, himself. Oh and yes he is still peeing. You know once you start you can't stop. So that is all over the linens, the floor, the wall, the shower curtain, and the tub.

Now this in itself is enough. But even after that disaster he says: "See I can pee standing up." in the I told you so voice.

Oh you are right honey - why did I ever doubt you?