Tuesday, June 17, 2008

David's Schooling

Not that I am prejudice or anything but my oldest son is genius. I have of course known this since he was 1 day old. Thru his preschool years, David was always ahead of schedule as far as learning. He was also very obedient. I attributed these to my superior parenting skills of course. (then we had 2 more BOYS and that thought flew right out the window)

Recently, well actually quite regularly, we get flack from other people because we home school David. Mostly people will quiz David to see if he actually is doing "school work ". I love it when they do this. David doesn't seem to notice the meaning behind it all, but he is a bit of a show off when he knows his stuff, so it works out.

Anyway, the discussion is on the table of having him enter "regular school" next year. Therefore, I felt it was prudent to have him take a standardized test to show his academic placement. Neither he, nor I, had ever done this before so we were surprised with how little he needed to know in order to be at 1st grade level. We got his results back and had ourselves a little celebration.

The test scores by grade level and half grade levels. (he just finished 1st grade) He scored second and half grade in math computation. He scored 3rd grade for reading vocabulary, reading comprehension, language mechanics, language usage and structure, and spelling. He scored fourth and half grade for math concepts, math story problems, and language auditing. He is 6 years old and could have been in kindergarten or 1st grade this last school year because he has a summer birthday. Not bad for my young 1st grader.

Like I said, my oldest son is a genius. End brag.