Saturday, June 14, 2008

Caleb potty training story #1

Where do I begin?

Caleb, my middle child, is an absolute boy to the core.
He is all turbo.
It is all or nothing.

The day after his 3rd birthday, he decided he was no longer going to wear diapers. He was a big boy and that was that. Naturally, I was thrilled.

It was however the last 2 weeks of David’s' home school for 1st grade and Nathan was/is STILL nursing. I have always dreamed of potty training, home schooling, nursing and babysitting (I have my friends little 2 year old girl while she works) all in the same 5 minutes. Haven't you?

That would be why I never answer the phone.
Contact with the outside world is, after all, overrated.

It was a rather warm week for April, so I decided I would just do the commando method of training Caleb. One t-shirt, no underpants or diaper. Keeping him mostly in the non-carpeted areas. I recommend this - let me tell you - they only pee themselves once or twice this way because they get all wet and it is a big ordeal to get it off their whole legs and everything.

This went well for a day or two, so I decided to put the big boy underpants on him and see if he recognized the urge in time to get to the bathroom, undress, get on the potty. He did. I tell you I was sitting there congratulating myself on successfully moving him up to big boy status when he had his 1st accident in his pants.

Parenting is humbling, you know. He was so upset about it. He went to the bathroom took off his Bob the Builder underpants and proceeded to apologize to Bob the Builder for messing all over him. "Oh Bob, I am so sorry, so sorry Bob" I had everything to do to not laugh out loud.

Is my 3-year-old boy saying sorry to his underpants? Yup, he sure was - not only was he apologizing, he was actually sorry. He has since never gone back to diapers, nor pull-ups. When he decides he is going to do something, he does it. This is really good and yet sometimes really, really bad (depending on what he decided he is going to do). More of that later.

I can't wait to tell you about when he decided to stand and pee like his big brother. But right now Nathan is crying and I have to go.