Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Boogers, Poop, and Stale Urine

Ok. Being a mom is full of "AUGH GROSS!"

I am convinced that our bathroom needs a urinal. After all, why not just flush the wall if they insist on peeing on it anyway. I am constantly walking around this house asking myself : "what is that smell?" "where is that coming from?"

Now I am no domestic cleaning goddess, but let me tell you this place is clean enough to not smell like "THAT".

The longer I am a mom, the more I could actually develop OCD. If going to your local Dr office for your "well baby visit", and 2 days later no longer having a well baby doesn't do it for you, just take your boys to the local supermarket. This is where you can get your weeks worth of groceries and the daily supply of someone elses bodily fluids. Gross!

Yesterday I took David, Caleb, Nathan and Olivia outside to play. I open the sandbox cover and Caleb goes "EW that smells yucky." I found cat poop in our sandbox.

Is now the time I tell you how very much I dislike cats? Disgusting creatures. Had a cat once - Name was Nightmare. Was a fitting name.

My neighbor has a cat. She better keep it in her yard. I just can't be responsible for what might happen to it if I find it near my sandbox again.

As if I needed one more thing to clean up! We shoveled all $35 worth of sandbox sand out. Scrubbed the toys and the dinosaur sandbox and it was time for lunch. Poor kids.

The other day Caleb sits on the big boy toilet to go pee. However, he is still so sleepy he forgets to "aim down" Pee all over the opposing wall, floor and my linens! URGH. He now stands to pee. There is of course another story to that - will get to that sometime soon, before I forget.

This morning I am making muffins. Everyone is sitting happily at the breakfast table. Then Nathan sneezes. Boogers everywhere. To which Caleb begins belly laughing. Nathan of course starts laughing too because he doesn't want to be left out. Got a picture of it.

That is my life - I am reduced to boogers, poop and urine. Here is a clip we saw the other day - had a good laugh over it.