Friday, June 13, 2008

Allergy Appointment for Nathan

A few weeks ago we took Nathan to the allergy doctor at UW Children’s Hospital to find the cause of his hives and eczema and tummy upsets. For a 15 minute Dr appointment at 11 am I had to leave our house at 9:20 (and we did not get home until 4 pm). Oh yes and take all 3 kids for the fun time of "prick him till we get some reaction”

After gathering all the results and dealing with all the tears, the Dr recommended we get an Epi Jr pen in case of severe Anaphylactic reactions.

So, the Dr says to me: “I am giving him a Rx for Epi pen Jr. You would only give this to him if you see a severe reaction and suspect he cannot breathe. So reserve it for the "Oh my G-- he is not breathing moment."

Now, we are not allowed to take Gods name in vain in our house so David (again my rule following child) says as the Dr as he is leaving. " Excuse me Mr. Dr. Please don't say Oh My G - - it is a bad word!" To which this Dr replied: “You are right I shouldn't say that. I am sorry.” To which David says “Ok I forgive you.”

Case closed - world saved - everyone back on track of obedience.

David you are my hero.