Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Stoughton Fair

We went to the Stoughton fair a few days after going out on the pontoon. We gave each child $10 to spend at the fair. (Yes we are cheap.)

We gave them the option to spend it on tickets for rides, cash for games, or for fair food. David picked rides, Caleb and Nathan picked games. This seemed to be consistent with their personalities. Except of course after all the money was spent we were still begged to buy cotton candy and cheese curds.

David got to go on the bumble bees, the fun house, and the bumper cars. It was a little weird to see David on the bumper cars this year. He was much more confident than last year and was much more the bumper than the bumpee. Again smiles from ear to ear.

Caleb and Nathan picked a turtle (used to be pick a duck game - guess they got bored with that and wanted to change it up a bit) and got a light up light saber as a toy prize. That is honestly all he needed to make his day.

So now in the weapon bin we have a pirate sword, 4 star wars light sabers, his fair light saber, 2 other swords with matching sheaths, a lego sword from Lego land, and a foam jousting sword. For goodness sake, that is a lot of swords for 3 boys. That doesn't include all the other nerf guns weapons - just our swords.

Nathan and Caleb played against each other in the squirt gun game (twice) so that each of them got a stuffed animal puppy. (Which are now in the stuffed animal bin that already contains over 30 stuffed puppies)

Afterwords we received the 25 requests for cheese curds and cotton candy. Which we said no to because their money was all gone. (well and we knew 2 days later we were going to the Evansville Fair which has no rides but lots of food). So off to the animals we went. This distracted them from the tempting food and the mean parents who stuck to the plan.

Nathan was soooooo cute in the animal area. He loved the roosters showing off and really enjoyed the cows. We were able to watch the cows getting milked and Caleb was pretty wide eyed watching that. Believe it or not we got thru all the animal houses without any kid stepping in poop.