Friday, July 10, 2009


Spelunking - that is cave exploring for those who aren't familiar to the word.

After church on Sunday we headed over to the Cave of the Mounds to go check out the natural wonder of the underground.

Does it seem like we are trying to live a whole year in the months of June and July to you? That is how it feels to me. It has been a whirl wind of activities for our boys. That is the thing about summer. You may not be paying $250 a month to heat your house but you are spending $250 a month to make the most of the little good weather you get! But let me tell ya I am glad to do it. I LOVE Summer about as much as I LOATHE winter.

We took the boys thru the 1 hour guided tour of the cave. David was really interested. Caleb enjoyed it, Nathan was a complete pill. Not only was he a stinker in attitude thru most of the tour he also pooped his pants about 1/4 of the way into the tour. I am sure the other guided tour guests where thrilled to be in the tour with us. Nathan was stinker, smell and all. ARGH! My arm went numb carrying him thru the dark, wet, slippery cave. My little wiggle poppy butt boy, what joy.

After we got out of the cave we mined for gold and gems at their "pan for gold" area. All the boys really enjoyed this. Caleb's treasures were fossils. David's treasures were gem stones and Nathan's treasures were arrowheads. (well and the diaper we thru in the trash was quite a treasure in its own)

We didn't get any pictures of it. Can't imagine why.