Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Whale Watching Newport Beach

Our flights to California landed early in the day, so we decided to take the chance and go whale watching.

The grey whales are active in the Newport Beach area this time of year. We caught the last boat and headed out to sea. 

It was an amazing show. After an hour of sailing we saw just a tiny glimpse of the whales. David and I prayed that the Lord would be willing to allow us to see the whales come out of the water.  It wasn't even 5 minutes later that they were jumping straight up out of the water.

All the boys were thrilled.  We talked to the passengers on the previous boat, but they saw nothing so we told the boys we couldn't be sure about their appearance. 

We saw 9 amazing vertical whale jumps. We also saw many more surfacing blow hole spouts.  They came very close to the boat at one point and the smiles were ear to ear on my boys.

I am so thankful for that memory, especially the faith building experience with David.

Truely Amazing. I have video but no pictures. I never clicked at the right moment. I will try and get video posted of the vertical jumps. If you have have the chance to see that, I encourange you to spend the money.  Breathtakingly amazing experience.