Saturday, April 20, 2013

Sonoran Desert

Cactus is delicious!

After a L O N G drive from the California coast, we made it to our Sonoran Desert destination.

I, Jenny, just loved the amazing cactus filled landscape and the warmth of Arizona.  The red rock cliffs all around us were magestic.  How amazing (and dangerous) it must have been to live in this area during the gold rush days.

I was reminded of the roadrunner cartoons while there.  How the landscape was filled with long stretches of nothing but road and cactus, while the coyote chased the roadrunner.

Caleb was brave enough to handle and cut open a prickly pear cactus in order to sample its sweet and wet inside.  Later we had to pick needles outof his finger tips, but he thought it was worth the price.  We bought a jar of cactus jelly which made the best bagel breakfast! Yum.

The sun was relentless,but it was not winter there.  That was so welcome to us Wisconsinites.  The birds were singing early and often and the Juniper trees near us were fragrant.

I completely understand why someone would stay there thru the winter.