Sunday, April 28, 2013

Flying thru the Storm

Our flights home were classic Baierl blog fodder.

After being delayed for a couple of hours we boarded our last plane home, knowing the weather in the Midwest was thunderstorms.

I sat next to Caleb and John sat next to David and Nathan. 

It was smooth flying for the first hour. Afterward it was turbulent. After an over exciting week and a day of traveling Caleb was unraveling. He was seated on the wing with the window seat. His obsession with the bumpy ride was getting to the point of serious fear. We had to close the window cover and focus on anything BUT the turbulance. It didn't help that we could see the lightening flashes thru the windows of others' or the fact that mom was a bit concerned herself. In the end noone hyperventilated and everyone clapped when we safely touched the ground. It was an exclaimation point to the end of a very exciting trip