Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Fly Away Spring Break Trip

It was a great trip! Nathan had his first flight. We went to Legoland, Newport Beach, Sonoran Desert, and family visiting in Southern California. All of this traveling in one week made for 3 excited and tired kiddos.

This was Nathan's first time on an airplane. Caleb didn't remember his last flight either since he was only one year old.

The 2 of them really were vocal about their excitement. A few neighboring passengers smiled and chuckled at their exuberant statements. "Look at the flaps on the wing!" " We are in the air, wohoo!" "Look we are in the clouds!"

None of the boys had any fear about flying. They all loved it.

We planned this trip over 6 weeks but never told the kids until 2 am when we woke them to get them to the airport. We didn't even tell them where we were going until we boarded the plane.

Here are a few pictures of them on their first flight. (more to come in subsequent posts)