Saturday, April 20, 2013

Slide Rock Az

Slide Rock Park in Sedona Az was a pit stop point for us on the way to the Grand Canyon.  I knew it would be a fun energy releasing place from sitting so long in our rental van.  I had no idea it would be one of my favorite trip memories.

First of all, it was a terrific warm sunny Arizona day.  The scenery was gorgeous with red rock cliffs and painted desert everywhere.  I wish a photograph could've captured the beauty. It was a water color painters' paradise. 

The park was a moderately challenging hike over and thru red rock formations that was punctuated by a fresh water nature made water rock slide. 

I was very surprised to learn that David wanted to try the rock water slide.  He isn't normally a thrill seeker. He convinced John to get into swim suits and brave the icy water to slide down the rock slide. John even jumped off the cliff into the water pool below. Caleb,Nathan, and I watched in amazement. It was difficult to get pictures and video since the terrain was rocky, uneven and a stream of water flowed through the middle. That isn't ideal for camera work. I was just hoping we all wouldn't slip and fall in. Luckily the younger boys took it slow and careful Noone needed to be rescued from a plunge. :) If you are ever in Arizona, I highly recommend the Sedona area. The Slide Rock Park was much fun and the painted desert drive was breath taking.