Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Nathan's bedtime tonight

Just a quick post - Putting Nathan to bed tonight was so cute. He is speaking in full sentences much of the time now so this short baby like conversation was precious to me.

As I was reading him his bedtime bible story we notice 2 beetle bugs flying into his light. They are making a clink clink clink sound as they bounce around in the glass light cover.

Nathan hears them:"Huh! Bugs!" raised eyebrows
Me: "Yup, beetle bugs, they like the light"
Nathan: "GET ME!" back straight - eyes wide- hands over mouth
Me" No, they won't get you"
Nathan " GET YOU!"
Me" No they won't get me either"
Me:" Let's turn the light off"
Nathan: "O TAY"
Nathan: "not hurt me." statement with a shaking head as if he needed to convince me
Me:"Nope, Nathan they won't hurt you"
Nathan:" Not hurt you." statement
Me: "Nope, not hurt me either"
Nathan: "O TAY - 'Night" closes eyes to go to sleep

Solves that - It happened in about 15 seconds but it was just one of those great mom moments that you are so thankful to experience. Childlike faith - good lesson.