Monday, November 23, 2009

Full Moon?

Is it a full moon or what? 'Seems like we are getting hit from all sides lately.

Thank goodness we went away for our anniversary because we have been PAYING for it in many ways since then. It has only been 5 weeks since back and these are the highlights.

Got home from vacation and kids were sick. H1N1 was found in one of the boys our kids stayed with while gone. Took 2 weeks + to get over that. Nathan was the only one who didn't get it - Praise the Lord, I always worry about him and his heart being vulnerable.

Our dishwasher stopped working. Repair bill. $100

Unexpected dental bill for Jenny - my portion $70 thank goodness we have dental insurance.

Johns cell phone literally broke in 2 pieces - new phone $68 - good deal on EBAY

Johns car needed a $400+ exhaust.

The toilet (which is only 1 year old and the second most expensive model) won't flush properly. Haven't spent money here yet - except in the upcoming water bill which is already ridiculous in my opinion.

The 1 year old back door handle got broken 2 days ago. aurggh - can't have anything nice!

Our tenants were 13 days late on rent. This never happens - we have THE BEST people in there.

The refrigerator door is broken - like don't let the kids open the door broken - we have to buy a new door for our 7 year old side by side - repair guy comes again says it takes 2 weeks to order - can't fix the current one as components inside the door are broke - hope it stays together because I have THANKSGIVING dinner in there, for goodness sake. New fridge $800 min - repair $500. Went to American to look at scratch and dents - no help there - getting the fridge fixed - sigh

We sign up for YMCA for something to do in winter. 1st day - 40 minutes after paying $, Caleb slips and falls and gets a concussion - vomit and the whole nine yards. Stellar.

Both John and I get some sort of stomach - dizzy sickness that last a day.

Someone steals our Baseball Tee (Nathans FAVORITE toy) and our wheelbarrow toy from our outside playhouse in our backyard. Who did that? I shake my fist at you!

'Have a sleepover and 2 of the 5 kids pee in the sleeping bag and all over the Futon and the ONLY pillow that has no plastic cover. Then leave pee clothes on the carpet. Ok now I need to steam clean the floor, somehow clean the futon, and do 2 more loads of laundry. Glad it was fun for the kids.

So today's devotional verse for me was really a good one. I am indeed thankful that we can actually handle all of these items without me going back to work or taking out a loan or pulling out a credit card. But there are a lot of other places I would have liked to see that money go, like Christmas.

The verse for me today was:

Psalm 100: 4-5
Enter His gates with Thanksgiving and His courts with praise :
give thanks to Him and praise His name,
For the Lord is good and his love endures forever.
His faithfulness continues thru all generations.

What a good one as thanksgiving approaches. Our house in not in foreclosure (we have a few on our block), John is still working despite all the cuts at his employer, I can still stay home with my preschoolers, and our family is filled with love. We know our security is in the Lord as we have built our house on His firm foundation and His love endures forever.