Saturday, November 28, 2009

911 emergency

Out of nowhere last night Nathan got slammed with a rapid progressing case of Croup.

At 7 pm he began to sound like he was congested. Ok a cold coming on, I thought - 'tis the season you know.

By 9:30PM we had the vaporizer going and a baby sleeping upright on my lap on the couch.

By 1:30AM his breathing was so laborious, his heart was racing and he had a fever of 100.

We called the on-call pediatrician. Who at first was not the least bit alarmed until I told him Nathans Aortic Valve stenosis issues. In about 10 seconds our conversation went from "get him in a bathroom with steam" to " Hang up and call 911". Which we did. His heart rates were sky high and his blood pressure wasn't good either.

Hence our first speedy trip to UW Children's Hospital ER via ambulance.

Nathan was not responding to his medicine in a positive way so he was admitted to be monitored and given steroids and epinephrine at regular intervals.

Please pray for him as he may not have seen the worst of it.