Monday, November 30, 2009

How do you get on the naughty list?

Recently Caleb,while clearing his plate and cup from the dinner table, sloppily dropped his plate into the sink breaking one of the plates.

1 day later while fooling around in the bathroom (he was supposed to be brushing his teeth) he dropped and broke my q-tip holder. "I was looking at it because it was sooooooo beautiful - and I dropped it in the sink. It broke."

Now fast forward 1 more day. Out of the blue Caleb is thinking about Christmas and asks. "Mom, how do you get on the naughty list?"

I can't help myself and say: "Well, by doing naughty things like being sassy or breaking your moms things."

You should have seen the eye brows go up! HA if you can't mess with you kids then there is no fun to life.

Of course I told him I was kidding. Then he said "Mom, that is not funny!"
It was to me.