Friday, November 27, 2009

Cleaning up our language

I can't believe I did it , but it is true.

I washed David's mouth out with soap.

Since he has been back at school he gets to hear all kinds of terrible stuff.
Now for the last few weeks we have been hearing some not so nice stuff come out of his mouth.

"My teacher is an idiot." (his teacher is wonderful!)
"Oh crap."
" You're a patoutskie."
" Wiener face."
Things like that, not swear words - true, but certainly not the garbage I am going to allow David to say (and Caleb and Nathan who genuinely think it is hilarious.)

John and I have had multiply discussions over this behavior with David and have tried to help him see the "heart behind the action " behavior here. We have talked to him about how the garbage he is putting in his head at school, in the playground, and the kids he sits with at lunch (it is assigned seating) , is causing garbage to come out his mouth. He flat out told me which kids it is coming from, so I know he is recognizing it, as it is happening. We have talked about what to do in order to prevent ourselves from being influenced by this garbage and that it is not acceptable to be swayed into this type of behavior.

He agrees, but it continues to reoccur. So in an effort to make this lesson memorable - I conclude we must make it uncomfortable.

So I washed his mouth out with soap after the last occurrence. (Which was on the way home from CHURCH no less.)