Thursday, January 22, 2009

To Sleep or Not to Sleep

I have given up on the idea of ever sleeping.

I have filed the idea away in my mental filing cabinet as something that only dads and pets do.

I am not awake because I am worrying. Unlike most mothers, I actually don't do this much. This is a lesson God walked me thru long ago when David was a baby. Plus, I am not a problem fixer/thinker by nature. I am more the martyr type -not an attractive trait but a true one.

I am awake because one of my children is being very unlovable. Too bad ears don't have an off switch. I find myself calculating how many hours it will be before the next episode. hmm what will be next - a peed bed?, a scary dream?, a ridiculously early snow plow?,police at my neighbors? Why bother. Sleeping is for sissy's - I will sleep when I am dead.

I need the caffeine patch. Have you seen the movie Meet the Robinson's? The scientist mom wears the caffeine patch and doesn't sleep for 8 days - no side effects just untimely and uncontrollable screams - no one would ever suspect anything because I do that anyway.