Sunday, January 11, 2009

Former Foe turned Friend

Tonight I had the most wonderful talk with David after our bedtime devotions.
Nathan went to bed early allowing me some extra minutes.

Our devotion was on kindness with a scripture of Matthew 10:42. This verse talks about a reward that awaits the believer for their acts of kindness to others.

David begins talking about Chase. (This boy has become the topic of many conversations and has, in my humble opinion, been strategically placed by the Lord, into David's classroom.)

Chase is special needs. He had some sort of brain trauma that causes him to not fully learn from consequences. Very early in the school year, before learning some of the "social ropes" of school, David and Chase had a fist fight on the playground. Long story. Anyway, since then David has decided to befriend Chase and do the best he can to work around "Chase's weird behaviors."

Once while visiting the classroom, Chase introduced himself to me by saying David was his "bud". I smiled thinking of how they started off throwing punches and now they were buddies. Girls would never do this.

I am so glad for David that Chase is in his life. He has had some really wonderful heart connects applying Gods word this past semester, because of this boy.

David says to me tonight. "You know what, mom? Chase was a bully to me at first, but now I think I am the only 2nd grader in Levi Leonard school that Chase is always nice to. That is because even when he was unkind to me, I decided to be kind back. I did not return unkindness for unkindness." (I repeat that phrase to my boys many many times: We don't return unkindness for unkindness, let's be kind to each other, a little more kindness.....)

There was so much more to this conversation, but mostly I just wanted to post how much I appreciated God giving David an application to todays devotional in a boy named Chase.