Thursday, January 22, 2009

Nathan's Sedated Echo

Nathan is scheduled for his sedated Echo in 1 week, Friday 1/30/09 8 am. Good thing to because his cardiology referral approval from our insurance runs out on 2/1/09.
We squeaked that out!

When speaking with the clinic staff I was asked about Nathan's "Red Flagged" chart. Since he has allergies his chart needed even more additional consult approval in order in ensure his allergies would not interact negatively with his sedation. While on the phone with the staff they ask me about Nathan's snoring and sleep apnea. UHHMMM - I reply "Do you have the right chart - Nathan Baierl - B-A-I-E-R-L? Because uhmmm, he doesn't have sleep apnea or snore? "

I become alarmed - "Do you have his allergies listed there, because I would assume that is why his chart is "Red Flagged"

ARE YOU KIDDING ME? They either incorrectly had his chart labeled or had the wrong chart, and these people are going to work on my infants heart! AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!

Must be because we have such a common last name (Smith, Jones, Baierl) - happens all the time you know: Dr offices pulling the wrong Nathan Baierl chart - such an ordeal to have a name like that - wish there weren't so many Baierls out there, then I wouldn't have to keep making sure they had the right one. Jeepers people.