Wednesday, January 21, 2009


I love AWANA. The curriculum is great. The leaders are great. Even the van ride there and back is great. For 4 years David (and now Caleb) have participated in this great biblical based program. But this entry isn't about what happens at AWANA, it is about what happens on the way to and from AWANA.

For years we have taken the Hionis kids in our van with us. I tell you what, if you ever want to laugh and get a headache all in the same 20 minutes,you should ride in our van on a Wednesday night.

Mostly it is the LAME knock knock jokes that eventually cause me to laugh. But not tonight. For some reason we started talking about spankings on the van ride home. I have no idea why - it wasn't like someone was going to get one or even deserved one for that matter. But Mr. John (as the Hionis kids call him) decided to share what it was like to get spanked by his dad when he was a kid. He told of how his dad actually took off his belt and spanked him with that. David then wailed loudly from the far back seat:"OOOOH I CAN EVEN FEEL THAT -OOOWWWWW!!!!!"

This brought forth thunderous laughter from all the other kiddos. Noah says: "AH good one David!" and for a full 5 minutes we all belly laugh.

Laughter is just exactly what I needed tonight - thanks guys.