Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Let them eat CAKE!

Good friends is one of lives best blessings.

Us Baierls are truly blessed. We have just the best time with the Hionis'. Over the years we have created quite the brood of offspring. I marveled over this fact yesterday on Labor Day when we had a cookout with them. Chris and Amy have 4 kids and we have 3. Even if all the adults are present, we are still outnumbered.

Thru the years I have the Hionis' kids present in most of the pictures of the milestones in my kids lives. Fortunately, they have had a baby about the same time we have had each of ours, so each of my children has a Hionis contemporary. This is so great.

So it was only natural for us to spend the last day of summer break together in yet one more photo opportunity. (the 2 babies are playing together in the living room and not pictured)

This is so cute! I hope you enjoy watching this clip of us decorating our American flag cake.