Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Nathan's 12 mo checkup

Nathan goes to see our favorite family doctor for our routine 12 mo check up.

She is the best Dr we have had for the boys, but she sooooo granola. You know what I mean by granola? No shave legs, no shave pits, no makeup, all natural, nurse till your kid is in kindergarten type. Let me say again she really is the best Dr we have had though.

So I have to tell her Nathan is no longer nursing and is now on regular whole milk. She is less than thrilled by this news. So she looks at his growth chart (He is 22 lbs and roly poly for those of you who haven't seen him lately) and informs me his growth curve is beginning to fall off the chart.

I think I may have actually rolled my eyes in front of her. For goodness sake you La Leche Natzies want kids on the boob forever. He is a chunker pants! I really don't think he is any worse for the wear for being on cows milk. I think maybe his curve might be going down because he is starting to move - you think? Falling off the charts - BAHHH.