Friday, August 29, 2008

Out to eat in a small town

After the school open house, my friend and her family decide to join us for a meal out.

She has 4 kids and I have 3. We have 3 adults (John, Jenny, Amy) and 7 kids. Kids that know eachother real well and are in a rowdy mood.

The local fare is limited so we decide to go to the sub shop on Main street. It is 6:45 pm on a Thursday night and guess what - they are out of bread. That is Evansville for you folks. You can run a sub sandwich shop and on a regular business night at dinner time you can run out of bread. Are you kidding me? So we go to the local restaurant next door.

We blow in like hurricane Katrina. (we left about that much damage when we exited too)
They have 1 hour 'till they close.

There is one other family at a table and a single senior citizen grandpa at another.

We take up 2 booths next to grandpa. Who informs me he has shut off his hearing aid upon our arrival.

Our waitress must have had a brood of kids because she in neither flustered nor fazed by our entrance.

The old man however cannot help himself to comment (AKA criticize) on his way out.

He asks me: " Do you plan to buy these kids that food? I tell you when I had my kids in a restaurant I expected them to behave....... If they didn't they did not get to eat...... I was strict with them."

I reply: "Oh hmmm how that work out for ya?"

This was quite mild considering what I could have said. I just smiled and thought to myself. "Yes and I will be just as annoyed when I am driving behind you tomorrow as you are to eat behind my family today. "

But thanks for the unasked for advice (criticism) you go home and pat yourself on the back for raising perfect children.