Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Drive Thru Daycare?

So I am listening to the local Christian radio station and hear the DJ say:" A recent survey was taken to answer this question: Life would be more convenient if only there was a drive thru _______. "

I am thinking a drive thru laundry might be nice.
1st window you dump off your dirty laundry, 2nd window you pick up clean folded laundry. Oh wait I would still have to put it all away. Bummer.

Some time goes by and the DJ says the most popular response was a drive thru daycare.

Literally my mouth drops open. This country is full of spoiled brats!~ If it isn't bad enough we don't have to actually raise our kids during the day now we can't even give them 3 minutes to say good by or hello? And we wonder why our kids are so over medicated and messed up. UHMMM HELLO?!?!?

Lets see drive thru food - hmm cheap, nutritionless and you regret it a few hours later.
Now drive thru daycare - hmmm convenient, cheap, you regret if for your lifetime with the added bonus of an angry resentful generation of kids (boys especially). Good idea.

Good idea folks drive thru daycare. You people need a spanking. But hey we can't do that anymore.

If I was in charge of this country it would be a lot different. There would be lots of lazy, spoiled people with handguns lined up to shoot me.

Some day I actaully hope to be part of those in charge but 1st I am going to actaully raise my kids and dream of a drive thru laundry.