Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Catching up

It has been awhile since I posted. For that I apologize. It is not for a lack of material. Just a lack of many other things. (sleep being one)

For those of you who have asked: "No my toilet is no longer in my yard." My bathroom is as done as it is going to get for a while. Not finished but it is functioning.

John has returned from his trip to Texas and things are returning to normal again.

With that said I have a number of things to post and a limited amount of time.

So here are some highlights.

Caleb and Nathan have some sort of mystery poop thing going on. No one has any virus or cold symptoms but both of them are on a "CLEANSE" of some kind. It makes me wonder if some sicko nursery worker didn't serve them cookies made with exlax?

If it was you - may you turn to stone this instant! The have (no exaggeration) gone 5 - 7 times (not diarrhea either) daily for the last few days.

Because I really did not believe Caleb that he had to go AGAIN - I told him to go to the bathroom and take off his pants and underwear and get on the toilet himself. Now before you think I am a total meaner you should know that he can actually do this, just not in a hurry. I did after all see all his previous trips and was positive there was nothing left to come out for goodness sake.

Well I was wrong. He of course was obeying but not getting things done fast enough for natures call. He gets undressed and gets on the toilet in such haste he falls in butt first. I tell you I need to put a video camera in our bathroom I could make a fortune on Americas funniest videos if I just caught one of these things on tape! Problem is I don't get to be in the bathroom alone and I sure don't need it filmed when I am in there.

Caleb thinks this is funny. Because he is a boy and everything horribly gross is so darn funny when you are a boy. He proceeds to convince me he does not need a bath. "I fell in before the poop was there the water is clean!" Hmm nice try mister.

Nathan is not walking yet but boy he sure can run in that walker.
When you stand him up and hold his hands he will walk well too. Probably he will be running free in 3 - 4 weeks. His favorite thing is to walk with your hands holding him up and kick a ball. He will be my soccer player. David the wrestler, Caleb the football player and Nathan the soccer player. He laughs so loud when he kicks the ball it is great. Have yet to get that on tape too.

David is adjusting to school well. I have a million stories on that. More of that later. Right now he is showing me his Mexican jumping bean. So far his school experience has been positive for him and the rest of us. Now we actually get a word in edgewise when he is gone. (Maybe he will be on the debate team instead of the wrestling team)

I have officially given up caffeine. My poor kids.
I am on day 3 so I am on the upswing.

I n my infinite wisdom I thought it would be good to give up caffeine the same time that the pooping thing started and the same time we disconnected our cable. I may need therapy after this.