Friday, August 29, 2008

Meet the Teacher

Today we met David's 2nd grade teacher. She is young and pretty and David noticed.

He told John that she was A LOT different then what he expected. He said he thought his teacher was going to be like 900 years old.

He is sitting in the front row, 1st seat, wobbly legged desk. She is going to regret that. But that is what you get when your last name starts with a B. she said. I smile thinking about how very many opportunities she will have to be reminded that David is in the wobbly legged seat right in the front row. (imagine a small chuckle escaping my lips - oh ok you're right, it is a down right out loud laugh)

David already found 2 library books on Bionicles at the school library to check out on the 1st week. Yeah this kid is ready for school.

I took a quick glance at his books in the desk. She better enlist this boy as a helper right away or she will be doomed. The math and reading are below his level and when he gets bored he TALKS!

Can't wait for the 1st parent teacher conference.