Wednesday, August 13, 2008

There is a bathroom in my kitchen!

So today our bathroom was demolished. No, not by my boys.

I have been wanting for YEARS to have a bathroom that actually was done right and today the project was started. (mostly things in my house have been done by the owners - which have been MANY since our place is 140 years old)

Today I took the kids to the zoo in order to keep them away from the demolition activity. Well, and near a working bathroom. You see we have only one bathroom. Normally this is not an issue because everyone but me can pee outside standing up. (add eye roll)

Our trip to the zoo was classic Baierl fodder. Of course Nathan falls asleep on the way there. Caleb and David fight some of the way. I realize I forgot 2 of the 27 items necessary to have an outing. We get to the 3rd animal and it starts to sprinkle.

Ok no biggie, I keep umbrellas in the van and we are only at the 3rd animal. Then it hits me -I vaguely remember the boys playing with the umbrellas in the back yard a few days ago and think - Those umbrellas aren't in the van are they? Nope, not with us at all. Well it is only a sprinkle.

Cue downpour. We are hovering under a tree, unsuccessfully shielding ourselves from the rain. It becomes obvious we will have to RUN FOR IT. Either to a shelter building or the van. We choose the van.

Cue screaming Caleb.
Cue screaming Nathan.
Cue David falling on wet pavement.
We make it to the van. I take off Caleb's clothes and wrap him in a blanket. I strap Nathan in his seat so his screaming fit is at least hands free. I discover the bandaids I have aren't big enough and Davids knee is actually scraped up fairly deep. I rummage thru my 1st aid kit and clean the dirt out, cut the gauze with a fingernail clippers I keep in the glove compartment and wrap his knee. All the while I am still getting soaked because there is so much toys and JUNK in the van I couldn't do that between the car seats and such. It looks like I took a shower with my clothes on. Nathan is still screaming. I get in and turn on the heat, wipe off my running mascara and have a 5 minute pity party. During which time I inform the kids that the next one to ask me a question will be beheaded. I am just kidding about the beheaded part. But I thought it.

I drive my 3 wet, unhappy sons to the Children's Museum. I change everyone into dry clothes (everyone but me- good thing my shirt wasn't white) I pay $15 to get in, $3 to park and the sun comes out. GRRRRRR. Where is my dental guard? I am clenching my teeth again.

We have the absolute best time there. Praise the Lord He redeemed the day.

While in the "Musical" room AKA NOISE room, my cell phone rings. It is a call informing me I will have no working toilet tonight. Poor Steve on the other line must have wondered what zoo I was at? I expected this, so I am not alarmed.

I come home late, with a van full of tired kids. I have dirty sippie cups, spilled popcorn all over the van, a change of wet clothes times 3, dirty bottles, a bag full of fast food wrappers, 4 dirty diapers and no running water anywhere in the house. Oh yes and a stripped bed that needs to be reassembled because the bed was peed in last night. Grand.

Nathan needs a bottle to go to bed but I have none that are clean, so he gets his milk added to a remnant of lemonade. What can you do? 'Must have liked it, he drank it all.

The whole bathroom is in my kitchen, except the toilet. That is outside. Hey, now I can pee outside too!
At least I won't need a shower tomorrow. I took 2 of them today.