Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Jenny's 10k race

After months of training, race day arrived! Evansville's annual 4 th of July 5k/10k run and 1 mile walk fundraiser.

Last year I trained for the 5 k run (3.12 miles). I struggled thru the couch to 5k program on my own. It was really about turning 40 and feeling sluggish and out of shape.  I trained alone,but raced on race day with my friend Cassie. It was the highlight of my summer to see my boys waiting at the finish. 

About 1/8 of a mile before the end David asked me:" Did you stop? Did you walk any of it?"  I said:" nope ran it all so far."  He replied:" YES! You're gonna do it mom! You're gonna do it!" and he ran the last bit cheering me on. It was a memory I have replayed over and over. GOAL!

This year I trained with Cassie for the 10k run. (6.5 miles) We are crazy, but we did it. How many 41+ year olds can say they ran 6.5 miles? I don't know - but I am happy to say that I can and I did!

It wasn't easy.  When the terrain got hard and uphill I spoke out: " Better pain than regret!" That worked to get me thru the rough spots.  It was an hour and 6 minutes of grueling jogging in humid summer weather but we did it! GOAL!  We smelled like the high school football bus. Blech.

No time to enjoy this moment as it was only 50 minutes until the parade my boys look forward to each year. I drive home and quickly showered and got to the parade in time. Whew what a morning!

I am in need of the next fitness goal. Any suggestions?