Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Camping Take 3 - Crescent Lake Bible Camp

This is the week David waits for all year. The week after his birthday at Crescent Lake Bible Camp. 
This year the whole family enjoyed the camp. David spent a week with the middle school group Young Cruisaders.  He was pleased to be in the same cabin with friends from church.  This is old hat for David. He has been there for several years now and knows all the places to go and things to do.
Caleb went for half the week to Jr. camp.  A friend from church was in his cabin and he really enjoyed his councilor Matthew.  Caleb's favorite part was the canteen. (I like to joke that Caleb's love language is food).  He spent his canteen money on toxic waste.  Toxic waste is a sour candy that comes with a challenge.  This is right up Caleb's alley.  Caleb is a foody and he is competative. He was motivated to be a "full toxie head" by enduring the right of passage of horribly sour candy.  This is eye twitching, pucker producing, eyebrow raising sour candy. He loved it. I had to prove my full toxie head status too as did John. Blech! Caleb also tried tubing (he didn't like it)  and the climbing tower. (he loved it) His favorite.camp activity is archery. Caleb is a good shot!
Nathan also attended for half a week for Jr camp.  He also had a buddy from church in his cabin. He is so little in body size but he was so ready for camp.  It was eye opening watching his little body navigate the cafeteria experience. He was all about being one of the big boys.  He was so ready to go to camp. Nathan also did the toxic waste challenge, but spent more of his canteen money on chocolate.  Nathan did not tube but he loved boating and swimming. He also did the climbing tower and archery. 
As parents of Jr. campers were were allowed to stay in a guest house and come and go as we pleased.  We were able to join in on any activity the Jr camper was doing (John climbed the tower).  John and I checked out some bikes and joined David at chapel, we joined in on the archery and rockwall climbing and other various activities. 
Crescent Lake is a long drive but we are so pleased by their staff,facilities, and food service. I am sure it will be a part of our summers for years to come.