Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Camping Take 2 - Smokey Hollow

Our second camping trip in June was to Smokey Hollow near Lodi. 

Here we rented a covered trail wagon.  Think of going west during the pioneer days and you will be able to picture the wagon we rented. 

This was an adventure of a different sort. This was FAR from roughing it. 

Devil's Lake we had no electricity. Smokey Hollow we had electricity, bunk beds, a fridge, microwave, and movie rentals.   Ummmm this was NOT how it was for the pioneers! But who cares? Pioneers we are not!

We enjoyed the 3 days and 2 nights with good friends.  Joe and Cassie and their son Miles rented the wagon next to ours.  We went to the beach daily, rode banana bikes, played mini golf, and had an all around great time at Smokey Hollow.  Can you say sunburn? Sunburn!

It was still early June so the water was full of tadpoles. A true boys' delight. Over the 3 days we saw them grow through the stages of frog development.  Can I count that as science class? Who cares? It is summer break!