Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Camping Camping and More Camping!

June was the month of camping for the Baierls.
 We went to Devil's Lake, Smokey Hollow and to Crescent Lake Bible Camp all in 4 weeks.

Devil's Lake was deserted. It was wonderful! We rented a teepee the first weekend in June.
Due to the cold temperatures in the winter, many schools extended their school year to make up missed days. Not us! We enjoyed the campground at Devil's Lake while they studied.

The teepee was a cool experience. It is an actual canvas teepee built on a wood deck in a cul de sac area of the Ice Age campground.  It was a dogs' and boys' dream. Maddie enjoyed the room to roam as much as any dog would.  We enjoyed the military style cots that came with the reservation. It was a true memory.  Top that off with some boating, fishing, and swimming and you have an A++ camping experience.