Monday, May 31, 2010

Lake Emily Memorial Weekend Camping part 1

Whoever would've believed that I would enjoy camping?
Well I live in a family of all guys so I am rollin' with it.
Of course Lake Emily has flushing toilets and normal showers so it isn't exactly roughing it.

This place is wonderful. We spent 4 days and 3 nights of outdoors fun in the sun. The weather was picture perfect (except for the thunderstorm Sunday night). It was 80's during the day and full sun and mid 50's overnight.

David and Caleb made great strides in overcoming their fears in the water. The lake is so clean even Caleb wasn't concerned about fish in the lake. Nathan enjoyed the lake too but mostly he liked the sand.

David got to play the part of hero this weekend too. Now I am not sure why these things happen to John but he has once again been the first responder and caller to 911 for a stranger. (In the last few years it has been a bicycle/car accident, a pedestrian/car accident, an auto fire - which John put out himself and a couple others) Now this time he is with David.

David and John decide to go to the pop machine for a soda. They walk to the first machine but then decide to go to the other one clear across the campgrounds. While standing at the machine, John looks over and sees 2 feet hanging out of the bathroom/changing area. He and David walk over and discover a young 20 something man lying on the cement floor unconscious. John calls out "You OK?" no response. So he checks and the man is breathing. John tilts his head back to open the airway better and calls 911. While on the phone he instructs David that he will have to flag down the ambulance. This isn't exactly a main street and the ambulance is going to be wondering where it needs to be. David kept his cool and when the sirens came, he flagged the ambulance over. We don't know what became of the man but David and John sure got more adventure than they bargained for on their way to the pop machine.