Friday, May 21, 2010

Caleb's 5 year checkup

Ok classic Caleb Baierl moment. We go to Dr for his 5 year checkup. This is the first time he has to have his eyes checked because he is about to enter kindergarten. The nurse asks Caleb if he knows his letters. He says yes like DUH! of course I know my letters. I can read!

She asks him to stand by the tape on the floor. Then she points to the row of letters that is for 20 X 20 vision and asks:
"Can you read this line?"
Caleb: "Yes"
Nurse: "What is this letter?"
Caleb: "D"
Nurse: "Ok, this next one?"
Caleb: "C"
Nurse chuckles:"Ok this one, this one, this one" etc
He said only the minimums to her questions.

So this proceeds about like pulling teeth, slow and painful.

Then he asks to have him cover his right eye.
Nurse:" Can you read this line?'
You would have thought she would have learned to rephrase the question like "read this line for me please."

So this goes on and then it is cover the other eye.
Nurse again:"Caleb,can you tell me this letter?"

Caleb:" Still D"
Like What? Is it supposed to change?

Well I think it is sufficient to say that he can see just fine.

As a side note Caleb is in the 38 percentile for height and 78 percentile for weight. David's about to get a rude awakening. He may be the oldest brother but he isn't going to be the biggest for much longer. Caleb is solid and it is only a matter of time before he is stronger than his big brother. Solid muscle and a man of few words - hmm wonder who he gets that from?