Thursday, May 20, 2010

Cape Cod Trip

John won a trip for 2 to Cape Cod from his employer for inspiring excellence during 2009. Along with about 30 other couples we flew out to Boston and were driven to Chatham resort on the Cape.

For 5 days we had no children and virtually no expenses. John's employer treated us to the nine. Lobster, swordfish, mignon, open bar etc. All at a 5 star resort which included excursions (we went whale watching on the Atlantic). I was so elated that the Scopaline patch worked and I had no seasickness at all. Good thing too because we had a stellar day on the ocean.

We saw many whales, so close they touched the boat and people got wet from their spray. It was really breath taking. John took some incredible video I hope to post here soon.

We danced the night away to a terrific 8 man band
and even got to dust off our 2 step dancing. (Been awhile for us)

It wasn't tropical weather but the cape was beautiful.

Congratulations to John for inspiring excellence and
allowing me to tag along on a trip to remember.