Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Nathan Turns 7!

Superheroes united for a fun filled afternoon of birthday party action at the Baierl house.  Inspired by David's 7th birthday party Ben 10 pizza's, Nathan requested his birthday dinner be unique pizzas also.  This was actually fairly easy (and awfully cheesy!)  I used food coloring to make red, green, and blue cheeses.  Then I used aluminum foil to cover the areas I didn't want colored.  Here is the final product: Captain America's shield, Green Lantern's ring, and Iron Man's arc reactor.


Nathan enjoyed having 6 buddies over for pizza, games, cake, and ice cream.  It was a loud and roudy 3 hours, but we enjoyed the last Baierl boy turning 7.  Nathan is such a blessing. Here are pics of the party celebration.