Thursday, October 16, 2014

Corn Maze - Help, This is NOT the Way!

This is a relatively new tradition for us Baierls.  We have always gone to get pumpkins and decorated them, but about 3 years ago we discovered how much fun a corn maze can be.  Now that all the kids are old enough to be "lost in the corn" for a short time, it is really fun.  This year we took a few buddies along.  This is so much more fun when you have 8 kiddos getting lost in the corn. Incidentally, look at the picture below.  They all look like they could be my children! See if you can decipher which 3 are Baierls. :) It was especially fun because you could always here one of the kids in the group exclaiming:"This is not the way!" LOL

Here are a few pictures: