Wednesday, October 22, 2014

911 Emergency

Just another day at the Baierls, except this one ends in an ambulance ride to University of WI Emergency Room. Nathan was totally normal all day and evening, no signs of illness or distress.  But when I went up to go to bed at 12:30 AM, I hear him breathing  and I know there is a problem. I get him up and downstairs and I know right away this is serious. We have seen/heard this before. This is Croup.  Nathan spent a night and day in the hospital for Croup 5 years ago.  After he tries to talk he tells John he can't breathe and feels like he is choking.  I get the shower as hot as possible for steam and John calls EMS.  The steam helps some, but he isn't getting enough oxygen so off to the hospital we go.  He was given oxygen in the ambulance and steroids in the ER.  He was monitored for several hours.  Finally he is discharged at 5:30 Am.  We had a few hard nights, but all is better now. Thank you Lord for modern medicine!