Monday, August 19, 2013

Gone Fishin'

We are havin' fish and french fries tonight!

After a full day for fishing, we really hauled!  The boys and I went to a trout pond near Evansville in the morning and fished Lake Leota in the afternoon.

The trout fishing was really exciting! Nathan caught the largest fish with his spiderman fishing pole, a 12 inch brooke trout.  He also had a great fight from another brooke trout.  Unfortuately while mom was trying to remove the hook, the fish slipped out of my hands and flapped back into the lake.  We all just stood there in unbeleif for a moment. "Did that just happpen?" Nathan was a good sport about it and just said "oh well". 

Caleb went on to reel in a 10 inch and an 11 inch rainbow trout. Mom learned to hold onto all subsequent fish while digging out the hooks. :) Caleb is a natural at fishing, he is very patient and knows just when to start reeling.  He was the one who most enjoyed watching the guts get cleaned.

David caught two 11 inch rainbow trout. He was so independant doing all the baiting and netting himself.

After trout fishing we went to Lake Leota.  Our little town's lake was  drudged and cleaned 4 years ago. It was refilled 3 years ago and is mostly young catch and release only fishing. 

So in the Am we fished for supper. Afterword, we fished for sport. The picture of the bucket is the catch and release fish. Obviously we ate the trout. Yum.