Thursday, September 12, 2013

The Dog Washing

It is that time of the year.  Time to give the dog a bath.  
For this special occasion I ask Caleb to help me in washing "his" dog.
He happily agrees. 

All three of us squeeze into our tiny bathroom and lock the door.  I turn on the water and begin to fill the tub.  At this point I tell Caleb :"It would be a good idea to go potty before we get started."  The running water always makes him do the potty dance and there is no room for dancing in this small bathroom.  So he agrees. Now the fun begins. 

Now our dog is actually very good in the tub.  She isn't like those YouTube videos you see. She doesn't like the bath, but she isn't fearful or combative. She always has the most pitiful look on her face, but she complies.  She even waits for permission to be excused from the tub.  But, considering the trauma she endured this bath she may be on YouTube after all.

So here we are in the tiny bathroom. Caleb has his pants down to the ankles and is positioned in front of the toilet.  The water is filling the tub from the lower faucet. I am by the opposite wall of the tub.  The dog is in a tiny spot between Caleb and the tub, waiting for the inevitable.  I tell Caleb to get the dog into the tub.  He doesn't pull up his pants first, he just grabs her collar and tells her: " Get in!"  She reluctantly obeys.  Now she is standing in the ankle deep water with the look of shame. 

At this point Caleb decides to become a typical 8 year old stinker.  He smiles to himself and reaches over (pants still at the ankles mind you) and pulls the shower lever.  He says: "It isn't my turn for a shower, (pull lever now) it's YOURS!"  A split second later the shower head begins to spout water over the dog, landing on her tail area and scaring the absolute daylights out of her! She never saw that coming.  She freaks out.  She bolts out of the tub, wet and fast.  She plows Caleb (still pants at ankles) aside and towards me.  Now this bathroom is tiny so we are all pushed around until the funniest thing ever happens.... Maddie gets tangled in my workout clothes which are hanging on the back of the bathroom door.  Oh, but not just any part of my workout clothes. She bolts, wet and frightened right into my pink racerback workout bra.  She gets tangled and stuck with half of her body in and half out.    Caleb about falls over in laughter.  Exclaiming: "Look, Look, Mom LOOK! Maddie is stuck in the bikini, Maddie is stuck in the bikini!

I have to admit it was  funny.  My son thinks my bra is a bikini, he is still pants at ankles, and my dog is wet, scared, and stuck in my under ware. Yup. That was just how I imagined this would go and we hadn't even washed her yet. Pretty funny.