Thursday, August 8, 2013

New Paint for David and Nathan

So now that Caleb has moved out of the "boys' room", David and Caleb felt it was only fair to get new paint in their room too.  I agreed. 

Off to Ace hardware we went to gather paint samples.  David wanted the room green. Nathan wanted to paint it orange.  We gathered all orange and green samples and taped them to the wall.

I hoped they would both "come to their senses " and pick a nice calm color they both agreed on. Ha! Fat chance on that.

In the end we agreed to buy green for the bottom of the room and orange for the slanted ceilings.  David picked olive garden green. Nathan picked golden city orange. 

I clenched my teeth and said "ok it is your room." The Ace paint worker said: "well you cant be depressed with this color on the walls!"

We moved them into our bedroom for 2 days and nights. Their belongings were exploded all over the hallway.  My hair was punk orange streaked for 2 days. 

While painting, I almost cried. I will forever remember stenciling those airplanes in that room while David napped as a baby. Sigh. 

Then John said something that really picked me up. He said: "Those were good days, but these are good days too!" He is right. These really are good days. This was their room and if they wanted it orange and green, then why not. Be glad they didn't pick black!

I have to admit that I was irritated to paint 4 coats of punk orange in order to cover those beloved airplane stencils. But, in the end it turned out great.

The carpet "glows orange" with the reflected orange slanted ceiling walls when you turn on the light.  That happens to be their most favorite part about it.

They were all smiles to move back in their "new room".

Here is a picture of David with the millennium falcon. In the background you can see the old sky blue walls with one of the airplane stencils.  Then another picture of the same area, as it looks now.