Thursday, July 4, 2013

Jenny's first 5k

Turning 40 wasn't that big of a deal. That is what I keep telling myself.  In order to prove it, I trained for a 5k.  That is 3.12 miles for those who don't know. 

Now I was never in track or anything but I decided my goal would be to run it all with no walking.  I used the couch to 5 k program and downloaded the android app to be my training guide.  In 10 weeks I went from not be able to run more than 3 min straight to running the whole 3.12 miles without stopping. 

I couldn't have done it without my buddy Cassie. Knowing I would let her down if I quit helped me keep training for the race. I may not have been the first to finish, but finish I did We ran the whole course and I enjoyed the journey. GOAL! It was the best to see my boys at the finish with their home made signs. David ran the last 250 feet with me telling me "You are going to do it mom!"