Thursday, July 4, 2013

Crescent Lake Bible Camp

This is the first year all 3 boys were able to come to Bible camp. 

Since Caleb and Nathan were grades k-2 John and I were allowed to accompany them as parents.  What a great time to have the whole family at Bible camp together.

Our weather hasn't been the best, but we have enjoyed some archery, boating and a gew fun trips to the canteen.

The second night it thunderstormed and all outside camp activities were  closed.  The staff brought all age groips into the dinning hall and we had a 2 hour square dance.

When this was announced you could audibly hear all the 11-12 year old boys groan.  But in about 15 minutes we had 60 plus kids dancing the Virginia wheel.

I had the best time ever dancing with my oldest son. We totally messed up our first time as lead couple but soon got the hang of it. John got a bit of video that I hope to upload here. What a feeling to be asked to dance by your son in a room full of his peers who are "too cool" to dance. I was smiling ear to ear.