Friday, July 26, 2013

Baseball Ends

Halfway thru summer break already!

Baseball season ended last week and the Baierls are happy to have a few non rush out the door evening meals.

It was a good season. David's league switched to kid pitching this year. Most of the players experienced a bean ball or two when up to bat from an inexperienced opposing team pitcher. For the most part all the kids adjusted well to the new pitching style.

David pitched the second to the last game of his season. He had an all time baseball high experience that game.  He struck out 3 kids in one inning. I could see his smile from the bleachers. 

Caleb and Nathan's last 2 games were canceled due to extreme heat.  They were ready to be committment free for a few weeks.  They didn't seem to mind. Both of them really enjoyed their coach
this year. 

We have put the cleats away till next year. Now to the BEACH!