Wednesday, May 29, 2013

David Working Hard

David turns 12 in just 3 short weeks. 

He is on summer break now and is working hard to earn cash. He worked at a Christmas tree farm over Memorial Day and earned big money.  It was 6 hours of picking cones off the fir trees. I think he came back 10 lbs heavier from the rain soaking his clothes and shoes.

He has 2 neighbor lawns to mow for money so far. He also has an advertisement for dog walking at the local supermarket and gas station.
He is enjoying having money in his pocket. Mom and Dad are enjoying his work ethnic and entrepreneurial spirit.

I forgot to mention that I had to buy him new shoes - again!
He now is only 1/2 size smaller shoe than John.  He isn't even 12 yet. Guess I will be shorter than him soon.

It seems like yesturday he was asking to "play trains". Time keeps speeding by......