Wednesday, June 5, 2013

School's out for Summer!

<p>Whoot! We are closed for the summer. No more lesson plans for me! Time for a summer filled with baseball.</p>
<p>David has completed his state testing for 6 th grade.&#160; He took all his language and math tests online this year. What a better way to go! No need for number 2 pencils and darkening the ovals, only to wait 3 weeks for results. </p>
<p>He was tested in Reading Vocabulary, Reading Comprehension, Language Mechanics, Language Usage and Structure, Language Spelling, Mathematical Concepts and Problems, Mathematical Computation.

It took us 4 hours of testing  to complete. It is hard to keep a 5 year old younger brother quiet for that long!

David's scores were outstanding. I knew the kid was above grade level but I didn't realize just how far above he was.

Here are his scores in grade level equivalence and stenine (1-9 with 5 being average 6 th grader score)

Reading Comp: grade 12 stenine 9
Reading Vocab: grade 9 stenine 7
Lang Mechanics: grade 10 stenine 8

Lang Usage&Struc: grade 13 stenine 8
Lang Spelling: grade 7 stenine 5

Math Comp: grade 10 stenine 8
Math Concepts: grade 13 stenine 9

Now that blew my mind! The dude is 11 years old and in grade 6. I am one proud mama.

These test scores don't really do my pride justice though. For I am most proud of David's work ethic and his spiritual growth from this year. The conversations we have are mature and strong. His misson trip made a gigantic impact in all areas of his life and I am most proud of the fine young man he is.