Friday, May 10, 2013

Nathan's Yearly Cardiology Appointment

Just want to start this post with: Praise God!

Nathan's aortic valve peak gradients are 40 and his mean gradient is 20-30. For those of you who have been following Nathan's heart updates thru the years, that is WAY down from past measurements.  Like half.

The news gets better and better each year.  Those levels are amazingly low compared to previous years.  Our doctor even said Nathan's valve has 3 visable leaflets that are thickened but functionally opening.

I asked if that still classified him as having a bicuspid valve. He said "yes a high functioning bicuspid valve." He then said: "I can't explain exactly why that is."

John said "I can! It is an answer to prayer!"

Praise the Lord for this progress.
We still request your continued fervent prayers for FULL healing on behalf of our little man.  I look forward to the day I can blog to you all how that prayer was answered with a yes.

It has been amazing walk of faith ever since those first scary diagnosis days. (peak gradients of 70 and more)

I am so pleased we did not rush into surgery when he was a baby.  We have found a very faithful Lord who has sustained our little man and increased our faith in the Great Physician.

He goes back in another year for another follow up.